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Workshop Descriptions
Workshops by Campanellie's Fine Art
Preparing Your Artwork for Social Media with Joe and Mary Jean Campanellie.

Your artwork is ready to show to the world but how do you present it in its best light? Join Mary Jean and Joe as they demystify some of the pitfalls of preparing your art for social media and websites. Learn how to copy, size, and copyright your images and protect yourself from your images being stolen. This workshop is a must for all serious artists. Fee: $25

Joe Campanellie WorkshopsThe “Art” of Nature Photography with Joe Campanellie.

In this workshop, Master Photographer, Joe Campanellie, will equip you with an arsenal of tips and tricks to improve your nature and landscape photography. You will be able to put them to use on your very next photographic adventure. Fee:$25

Introduction to Photoshop Creative Cloud with Mary Jean Campanellie.

Attention all serious photographers! The creation of an extraordinary photograph doesn’t end when the shutter closes. Take that next step and let Mary Jean introduce you to Photoshop. If you can imagine it, you can create it with this state of the art program for digital manipulation. This workshop will help you get started with the basic tools, file handling and enhancement options to make your work look its best. Free trial download program available and monthly subscriptions start at only $9.99. Bring your laptop. Fee: $85

Photoshop Creative Cloud—Working with Layers with Mary Jean Campanellie.

Take your photographic images to the next level. This workshop explores the many options of working with Layers in the Creative Cloud as you enhance and manipulate your images to bring out their best or create new ones. You should have a basic understanding of Photoshop Creative Cloud for this workshop. Bring your laptop. Fee: $85

Mary Jean Campanellie WorkshopsGetting Started with Corel Painter Essentials with Mary Jean Campanellie.

Not proficient at painting with a brush? Paint with a mouse! Want to enhance your photos? Join Master Artist, Mary Jean Campanellie and delight in the creativity of virtual painting through this unique, digital paint program. Learn how to paint “from scratch” or from photographs with intuitive brushes that react like the real thing. Create an image during the workshop and direct that image to be printed on canvas, fine art papers or whatever medium you like. Corel offers a free trial and the program cost is only $36. Bring your laptop and pen/drawing tablet (required). Fee: $95.